TAXIS Pharmaceuticals is a privately held biopharmaceutical company dedicated to reducing and possibly eliminating the threat of current and emergent antimicrobial resistance across a wide range of infectious diseases. We are currently researching new classes of anti-resistance agents that employ novel mechanisms of action distinct from those currently in clinical use.

Our team’s expertise in discovery chemistry, combined with our spirit of innovation, allows us to quickly pinpoint promising compounds that exhibit the key properties required for a clinical drug candidate.

We have been expanding our portfolio of drug candidates by focusing our science on the disruption of the foundation of bacterial cell wall architecture — including construction, maintenance, and growth — to address elemental drug resistance mechanisms. The TAXIS pipeline now includes several investigational anti-resistance agents with novel mechanisms of action including efflux pump inhibition (EPI) and modulation of the bacterial protein FtsZ. Our proprietary molecular chemistry is designed to facilitate treatment of patients suffering from antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria by enabling the re-use of many of the most widely prescribed, resistance-prone generic antibiotics. In addition, TAXIS’ novel technology enables the use of lower antibiotic doses to achieve the same pathogen kill rates, thus enhancing treatment cost-effectiveness while also reducing or eliminating the global risk of antibiotic resistance.

TAXIS was founded in 2009. Our corporate headquarters is in Monmouth Junction, NJ.