Ajit K. Parhi, Ph.D.

Dr. Parhi joined TAXIS with 10 years of expertise, both academic and industry, in the synthetic field, which includes natural product synthesis, asymmetric synthesis and synthesis of vast numbers of drug candidates for various diseases. He has authored and co-authored 38 peer-reviewed publications and features as a co-inventor in 15 patent applications. As a key member of TAXIS, Dr. Parhi ‘s focus is on design and implementation of the synthetic schemes with assistance of the Chemistry team, managing the scale-up and supply of lead candidates to the bioassay team and coordinating efforts to maximize efficiencies and maintain accountability to the project. Prior to joining TAXIS, Dr. Parhi served as a Research associate for department of Medicinal Chemistry, Rutgers University and a post-doctoral fellow at department of Pharmacology and Radiology at University of Pennsylvania.

He received his M.S. in Organic Chemistry and his Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from City University of New York.